Winter Activities around this area

We received a pamphlet and a discount lift ticket from "Fujiten Snow Resort"!

This month was very warm until a little while ago, so it took much later than usual for the snow to accumulate.

It takes less than 30 minutes by car from Villa Ensoleille to "Fujiten Snow Resort".

The shuttle bus service from Kawaguchiko Station (reservation required) has resumed twice a day.

【Fujiten Snow Resort】⇒

There is also the "Kamui Misaka ski & snowboard resort" located about 15 minutes by car from Villa Ensoleille.

"Kamui Misaka ski & snowboard resort" can also be reached by local bus.

(Buses bound for Kofu Station run daily from the nearest bus stop "Kawaguchi Post Office".)

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Click here for details of bus routes & timetable ⇒

Why not plan winter sports for the day after your visit to Lake Kawaguchi in winter?

【Kamui Misaka ski & snowboard resort】

**The official website appears to be in Japanese only. Staffs may be similar.